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Greetings traveler and Welcome to Worlds On Paper! In this place I show of my Art, Design and writings under the name Tuulikk. I Draw and Paint digitally on my Computer with a Wacom Drawing Tablet. I also do some 3D Modeling, Web Design and some Writing. Software I use in my work is Clip Studio Paint (was also known as Manga Studio), Gimp, Paint.Net, Inkscape, ArtRage and Blender. I like to try and read up on new Software Programs from time to time. This site is partitioned in two parts, the main site and the Blog. Most of the content of the main site can be reached by just scrolling down.

If you see something you like, please share it or write a comment. I’m also open for critique and commission.


  • New it the Blog

In my Blog I put Work In Progress images of my latest Art and occasionally something else. Here you can see the latest post in the Blog. To see the full blog, click here.

Thanos Standing

Fan-Art, comic book version of Thanos from Marvel Comics. The character is probably now more known from The Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially the latest Avengers movie Infinity War where he is the main villain. This is possibly my first Thanos drawing. It is mostly done, but I might redraw him a bit in the future. Made in Clip Studio Paint on my Wacom Intuos 4L drawing tablet.

If you want me to draw something for you, contact me here at this site.

  • About me

me01Hello! My name is Jimmy Svensson. I often goes under the nickname Tuulikk on the Internet. I am 33 years old and to be 34 in the middle of 2018. I live in the city of Helsingborg in Sweden with my girlfriend and partner in life. I am a Digital Artist in my free time and my Art style takes a lot if inspiration from over 20 years of reading Marvel Comics. I like to draw Superheroes, Transformers, Fantasy and some other stuff to a lesser extent. From Fan-Art to Original Art. To create my Art I use my 27″ Benq IPS Monitor as my main screen and a 22″ LG IPS as my second one. I use a Wacom Intuos 4L drawing tablet that has a drawing area a bit bigger then a A4 paper.  Computer parts are Phenom II 4X 970 3.5GHZ processor, Geforce GTX 550Ti graphics card, 16 GB DDR3 RAM memory, a SSD as my Windows Drive and a 2 TB Hard Drive that I store my files on. My main Operating System is Windows 10. The drawing/painting App I most use is Clip Studio Paint (formerly known as Manga Studio) because it has good enough GUI layout, many good tools that can be combined to create Art in new ways.

Interests outside drawing and other Arts:

Comics, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (TV, Movies and Books), computer hardware, testing interesting software, going for walks, my girlfriend and our birds.

Type of music i listen to:

Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Power Metal, Darkwave, Electronic, Hardcore, Punk, Female Vocalists and many others. This according to last.fm anyway. My favorite band is Paradise Lost, followed by Hungry Lucy, Volbeat, Raised Fist and many other.

Me and comics:

My favorite comics company is Marvel Comics and I enjoy reading a lot of their comics in Marvel Unlimited. Until DC Comics create a similar service I won’t be reading much of their comics. I mostly read on my 10″ Samsung Android tablet. Favorite comics right now are most stuff with the X-Men and Avengers. Favorite Comics Artists are John Romita Jr, Oliver Copiel, Leinil Yu and others. Favorite Comics Writers are Brian Lynch, DnA, J. Michael Straczynski, Brian Michael Bendis and so on.


Some of my favorite games are first two Batman Arkham games, Age of Empires II on Steam PC. The Conduit, Red Steel, Goodfather: Blackhand Edition and Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Wii. Left 4 Dead II on Xbox 360. X-Men Legends games on GameCube. I don’t game that much as of writing, but it might change soon.

Favorite Apps:

Marvel Unlimited – Comics on Android, AntennaPod – Podcast player on Android, Manga Studio – drawing/painting app on Windows and Mac.

Wish for:

Being good enough to live of my Art.


  • How I work

I am a digital Artist. It usually start with me launching Clip Studio Paint on my Windows computer, choosing a A4 canvas at 600 PPI and it’s position, resting or standing up. Then I sketch something out. It mostly look horrible at this phase, but it gets better. Sometimes when the piece will have a background I start sketching it out early, other times I wait until I add the 1, 2 or 3 point perspective ruler tool and set it up. If I have already began the background I will try to match the perspective what I have drawn. The characters or people usually looks a bit wrong so I use Daz Studio to pose a figure in a similar way as my drawing (not always spot on as posing in Daz Studio takes a long time) and have a look at reference images I have on my computer from photographic to comics images. When I’m getting closer to something I like, I put on clean Vector lines over the sketchy old lies. Then I continue until it is finished or I take a brake from it. I often switch between 2 to 10 drawings at the same time.

Tools that I Use

I have a two monitor setup. A main Benq GW2765 IPS screen at 27″. I feel as if my drawing has gotten better and that i both can get closer to it and get a better perspective of what I’m doing. I don’t know if that would be true with a bigger one. I think I could handle a taller monitor, but a wider might be to much to keep track of. But I guess there aren’t any 28-32″ IPS 16:10 monitors on the market now or in the future. Anyhow it’s easy to move up and down and I do it from time to time depending on how is sit. The contrast and colors are better then my old monitor, but it has a little bit of IPS Glow to it. My second monitor is my old trusted LG W2220P IPS screen at 22″. I use it for reference work in drawing and writing, work in Daz Studio and folder browsing.

I draw and paint in Manga Studio. The software I use the most is Clip Studio Paint where I do over 95% of all my drawing (but I will give Krita a shot when new features land there). Manga Studio looks and behaves a little bit like Photoshop, but it has a lot of functions and ways of working that is unique to it. It has Perspective tools, Layer colors, Transform tools, Shape tools, Grid and so on.

Other software tools. And then we have Daz Studio where I make reference shots. I also use Paint.Net for editing of art and Images. Gimp also for the same reason but, but less so even through it’s better when it comes to tools, it looks and operates horrible. I also from time to time creates a scene i SketchUp, but so far I’m less happy with the result then when I’m drawing it. But future projects will probably make me use it more. I use to be a heavy ArtRage 3 and 4 user, but I realised that I was not happy with the pen tool and ruler functions. When I started to use Manga Studio I found more freedom and more and more ways to do things then before even trough it gave me less free canvas area to work on with it’s thick toolbar layout of a GUI.

Drawing tablet. I use a drawing tablet for almost all my Digital work. I use my Wacom Intuos 4L tablet that I got from my Father when it was pretty much new. It’s a bit bigger then a A4 paper. It works almost as good now as then even through it’s not a pretty anymore. I don’t know if a new Wacom Intuos Pro tablet would help me as much as my new monitor is doing now.

How stuff works

Perspective ruler tool in Clip Studio Paint. When active, the perspective tools snaps all the lines I draw up, down, to the sides and/or to the 1, 2 or 3 perspective points. That creates the illusion of depth. The perspective points 1 and 2 rests on the horizon line. The horizon line is where the viewers eyes looks, or another way of looking at it the camera angle. Objects that are under the line you can see the top of and objects that are above it you can see the under side. If you or the camera are close to a a object or it is very big, you will see it narrowing up or down. This effect can be done in perspective drawing placing a third point a bit above or under the drawing. All vertical lines will go to the third point. When active, the perspective tool snaps the lines drawn in the direction of the perspective points. 1 point perspective snaps to a point that is usually on the canvas and the tool lets you draw to the horizontally and vertically. 2 point perspective snaps all lines except vertically to the perspective point. 3 point perspective is the same as 2 point perspective except the vertical line now all goes to the perspective point over or under the canvas.

Freedom. Drawing on my computer gives me the ability to erase, redraw and edit anything I work on and undo something I don’t like. ArtRage is almost as open as a empty A4 paper which means a lot less distraction and things that are in the way compared to other image editors. Clip Studio Paint is a bit more cluttered with tool bars, but it makes up for it with so many functions like perspective drawing tools, grids and snap functions which makes drawing by hand on a paper feel slow and contra productive.



  • Commission

If you want me to do a drawing or a project for you, make sure you have browsed through my Art and think about if I will be able to meet your vision or if your vision can be expanded towards my style of Art.

What kind of Art I will do

I will do Fan Art (Cannon characters), Original characters (as in your characters) and real people (if the motif is right). Maybe perhaps a mix up with Cannon and Original characters? Your choice!

I can make Art based on comics, fantasy, Science Fiction and some real life styled my way. I can also draw Anime and manga characters, but It will be done my way. I can take your designs and ideas of characters and bring them to life in my style! If you want a particular setting and have good reference pictures or photos I can use that.

What kind of Art I won’t do

I might take a nod to Anime/manga style if you want, but I will not go full out on it. I won’t do anything I will feel bad about. Like racism and hate towards groups of people.

The right price point

The price points here is is mostly as a guide and can be negotiated, but it depends on the commission.

Drawing with 1-2 characters: 250 SEK – about 30 USD and 27 EUR

A extra character: 50 SEK – about 6 USD and 5 EUR


Empty/none: Free

Horizontal line: Free

Black or one color: Free

Simple background (like a character in front of a wall): +50 SEK – about 6 USD and 5 EUR

Background with low to medium in detail: +200 SEK – about 24 USD and 22 EUR

A large background or high detail +400 SEK or more – about 48 USD and 43 EUR


Simple colors with no shading and light: + 50 SEK – about 6 USD and 5 EUR

Colors with some shading and light: +100 SEK – about 12 USD and 11 EUR

A Print?

If you want to have your Art printed it can be arranged. Everything from a poster to canvas, small size to big size and i will give you the best price I can find. But you will get all the files you need to get it printed yourself if that’s what you want.

How it works

You contact me about your ideas and what your vision is. If you have one or a few reference images that is a part of your vision you can just send them along or give me a link to them. When we have reached a agreement I will produce a simple image or a thumbnail of how it can look when it’s done and at this stage you have three options: not to continue, to go ahead or to go ahead and adding to it or just guide me closer to your vision. Now when you have a thumbnail or early drawing you are happy with it’s time for a a full or a part payment if you want me to continue.

Now I’m committed and I will send you updates of the work along the way and you may still have some input along what is possible under our agreement.

Delivery of final Art

The final Art will consist of a working file of the Art(original program file and/or Photoshop file), a export to a known Image format that can be opened on any computer (.JPEG, .PNG) in full size and also in smaller size if you want. This will be delivered after a full payment have been made.

If you ordered a print it will then be taken care of and sent to you as fast as possible.


If you have questions, ideas for a project or want me to do some work for you, scroll down to the Feedback section or click on this link to it.

  • Shop

Here I will add things I have for sale. I may create a page with information about the item or a link might go right to Ebay or some other site I will use for the sale.

If you are interested in buying something I have in my Portfolio or want something similar made for you, contact me and we will see what I can do.

  • Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio!

Keyboard settings: Images can be switched to next one by clicking on left and right arrow keys and the images are scrollable by up/down arrow keys.

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  • Link page

Software for creating Art

Here I collect official links to software that can be used to create art. I have marked them “Free” for free apps and “Commercial” for apps that coast money. All apps has Layer function.


Clip Studio Paint – A program made for drawing and painting Manga and Comics. It has many great tools from perspective drawing tools to the ability to create Vector lines. It also has limited Animation capabilities. Clip Studio Paint has many tools and functions, but that also makes it a heavy GUI/Toolbar driven program, so a large screen is recommended. There are two versions of the program, ordinary and a Pro version (EX). 95% of the time I draw anything it is with Manga Studio and I have had it for a few years now. I still learn new things because the tools and different ways to do things can be combined to create new things. This is the program I compare other drawing/painting apps against.


ArtRage – A program made for drawing and painting in a realistic way with a uncluttered Canvas. Supports Water and Oil Colors, many more tools, layers and so on. For Windows XP to 10, Mac OS X, iPad and Android. I have my hopes for a Linux version. It does not have the pixel precision of Manga Studio and other drawing/painting apps, but that is also the point. Rulers, pens and other tools works like they do in real life.


FireAlpaca – A free drawing/painting app. A simple somewhat clean looking app that has most stuff you need to start drawing. It has some comics templates an a bit to basic snap perspective and other snap tools.


Krita – A Open Source program that in recent times have been heavily in development. If it’s not to your liking or if it’s missing functions and tools that you want, look back in the future because it might get it later.


Smooth Draw – Not much of a website or information about the program, but for a free program it’s fun to use to draw and paint. It kind of goes it’s own way from GUI to features while maybe taking soma ideas from such programs like Artrage and Photoshop. For Windows.


MyPaint – MyPaint does not have that many tools as of writing. Until recently it did not have much of a GUI or toolbars at all. But on the GUI front it has changed. It now has modern GUI with toolbars that can be moved, grouped and tabed. The cool factor is that it has a infinite canvas, perfect for sketching out ideas.


Paint.Net – This is a small, somewhat limited but still powerful program. It’s better for editing Art may it be Digital or scanned/photographed to the computer. It has a modern uncluttered GUI (except for the stupid color wheel in the color panel I wish could be closed). It reminds me of the old and great Photoshop 7.0 when it comes to the level of functions. It does not have pen pressure support.

Art Communities Online

DeviantART – A great place to look at art, find inspiration, finding Artists and many users have posted good tutorials.

Tuulikk at DeviantART – My page at DeviantART, here I have fewer works of Art, but in bigger sizes. Later on one might be able to buy copies of my Art there through their services.

Comics news and other comics related stuff

Bleeding Cool – This is in my mind the best Blog about comics and all things related to comics.

Newsarama – Comics news. Mostly Super Hero comics.

Shazam – A Swedish comics Blog in Swedish. Probably the best Swedish comics Blog there is. News and tips about American, European and Swedish comic books!

Video Games Related

Go Nintendo – My favorite game site! Many updates every day. Nintendo only site.

Webcomics I like

The Gutters – “Gutters is a series of standalone pages that parody the comic book industry and the heroes and characters that dwell within”.


NTFA – Nordic Transformers Fans Association, the Nordic Transformers club with other words.

OMG! Ubuntu! – Probably the best Ubuntu Linux Blog thanks to new good content every day.

Spotify – This is a program that streams music from a very large archive supported by the biggest labels and more. It’s not supported everywhere yet, but it’s expanding.

My other blog in Swedish – It’s about anything I want to write about, from comics and art to thoughts.

If you have any good links to tutorials or other good inspirational sites, you can give me a tip right here as a comment.