• 4 years in love
  • Posted on December 01, 2009

Four years ago today I went to the city Malmö to meet a girl I had met Online not that much earlier. I remember that I felt shy and worried. But everything was just perfect. For me it was love at first sight. I remember our first kiss right in front of the City’s at that time only Comic Book store. Since first December 2005 it has been me and you.

I’m lucky to have met a girl I share so many interests with. Like Video Games, Sci-Fi,  Comic Books, music, appreciation for art and views among some things. Not that we are completely alike, but that we complement each other and experience new things through each other. Not to forget all these things like her eyes, her smile, the way she looks at me that just make me melt.

There’s much hardship in life, many obstacles to cross. But I’m blessed to have met you and that I can share my life with you through it all. And I’m happy for so many good times we have had together.

I look forward to the next time I have you in my arms, no matter if it is in a few seconds or if it is a matter of days. I treasure the moments I have with you and look forward to so many more. I love you baby. With all of my heart. :heart: