• Captain America in 3D WIP01
  • Posted on April 09, 2012

This is Daz Studio renders of the project I’m working on. Lots of tweaks to get the body and face right are still needed and I’m thinking of actually sculpting/building his mask on his face instead of just painting it on. Anyhow, when he is finished I want Captain America to have a Comic Book look with the colors and everything. The goal a classic look on the character.

I’m happy about most things in this front view, but the head is not one of them and the boots needs some tweaking.

The fingers does not look good in this view and I’m going to tweak the legs. The boots also look wrong.

Butt and hands needs some work in this view. Anything else?

The face looks to round yet, but it ain’t as easy to see in Blender for me as in Daz Studio, but I will probably work it out. The hands are from the┬áprevious post.