• Changing my theme
  • Posted on December 31, 2011
  • Right now I’m using Twenty Eleven 1.3 as my theme but I will update my old theme, or write a new one or rewrite another theme to suite my needs. Every bit of this site is going to get a makeover, new pages will be added with more content.

    I’m also thinking about posting more stuff then just my newest art, like thoughts and ideas.

    I’m also thinking about doing commissions if anyone is interested and if you just got ideas of stuff you think I should draw as in a character or theme, then let me know and I will see what I can do.

    And happy new year everybody! This might be my last post of 2011. Maybe. 😀 :party:

  • The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online
  • Posted on August 24, 2010
  • The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online now. Actually, the page never went away, but the gallery kind of did some time ago thanks to an accident on the site, where I deleted all galleries. After that I have taken some time to put things back together and changing some things. Now its time for this gallery as there seem to be some demand for it. 🙂

    Other unimportant rambelings

    Listing to Billy Talent on Spotify. Should sleep. Malmöfestivalen (Malmö City Festival) is on, some hours after I awake, it’s time for me and my girlfriend to go and see Against Me! live. That’s going to be a good way to say farewell to the summer. May the fall have some good music and comics.

  • Over 2000 visitors!
  • Posted on June 22, 2010
  • Hello! I haven’t been updating much lately with drawings and other things.  I have been working a bit, I got to earn some money and I have been to tired to draw and write anything on my little free time. But that is going to change right now as it looks I have enough free time to both rest and work with Art. I have also bought a  new Computer Screen to play with.

    Also, the site has passed 2000 visitors now!  That was my goal for the summer. Maybe it can go up to 3000 before the end of this year?

    Digital drawing and painting problems

    I have had problems with my Laptop being to weak and getting to hot while working and the small screen size at 15.6″ ain’t the best size to draw on. To fix those problems I have bought a new Computer Screen at 22 inch. It’s a LG Flatron 2220P Screen with a e-IPS panel if I’m not mistaken. It delivers good colors and a pretty good black and white, for a Computer Screen. The only thing that could really be improved on a Screen would be LED back-light as it would deliver better black and white. For the future I hope that buyers won’t have to choose between a LED TN Panel and a ordinary IPS panels. A IPS panel with LED is Gold, just look at a new iMac, is that is pretty or what?

    Next of improvements for me will be making the Laptop run cooler and save up money by working  so I can buy a new computer to use with my new Screen.

  • Maybe I should start blocking IE6?
  • Posted on May 14, 2010
  • Most visits from the old Internet browser Internet Explorer 6 are from Spammers (Spambots, botnets, what not) and possibly other nasty types.  I don’t know why they prefer old versions of browsers, but I guess they don’t really mind if my homepage don’t renders okay for them as it sure does not affect theirs tools of destruction annoyances.

    I’m happy visitors does not have to see any Spam on this site thanks to some good measures of protection. But Spambots does give unwanted traffic and more worse for me, mess up with statistics.

    This is not a big site in any way because I’m a unknown evolving Artist and this site is pretty young still (1 year old), so blocking IE6 would mean I would lose some legitimate good traffic. Not that I know why anyone would use a 9 year old browser. But I guess it’s only a matter of time before I get to tired of all the shit IE6 is and brings.

    If you dear reader is sitting on Internet Explorer 6 or 7 for that matter, please consider updating to Internet Explorer 8 or preferably to one of these browsers: Firefox 3.6, Chrome 4.1, Opera 10.51, Safari 4 (or newer when newer versions soon comes out). What you get by updating to a new browser is more sites will start working, many more sites will start looking like they should and browsing on the Internet will get faster (unless you have a really old computer). Internet Explorer 8 still have some problems, but when the 9:nth version comes out it should be up to date with the competition.

    I am a Firefox user because it’s a good browser and thanks to plugins that extends how Firefox works and what it does. But Chrome is gaining and maybe in some ways surpassing Firefox, so I might change browser in the future.

  • More about yesterdays blacklisting
  • Posted on April 16, 2010
  • I did not have a Virus or anything like that on my Homepage, but it was probably the right call from Google to blacklist my homepage. Aperantly when I updated my homepage theme I bought with me a iFrame link that loaded 1px height of a homepage with Virus and Trojans. It does not look like it was harmful as the other site was blacklisted to.

    I found out late yesterday that many of my HTML files on my computer had that iFrame link to and some still do (I have some cleaning to do). My computer had a big Virus outbreak a while ago and I think the Virus spread the iFrame link to as many HTML documents it could. Then my Virus software did not notice it as the link in it self is not a Virus.

    Funny and tragic at the same time. The sad part is that the browser Chrome also gave me a false positive that something was wrong with my plugins. In panic i deleted some of them and reinstalled most of them. The sad part is that it looks like most of the drawings and pictures went away to. But I’m slowly uploading them again. At least the ones I can find the right place. Maybe some of them can be restored by a backup or something.

    Anyhow, this site is safe again. But I did not know Google had that power of blacklisting. Firefox and Chrome warned about the site as well as the Google site. Internet Explorer did not and probably not the other search engines. I do not know about other browsers.

  • Exploit warning
  • Posted on April 15, 2010
  • As of writing, Google has listed this site as suspisios thanks to a iFrame link that I did not know I had that lead to a site that has problems with virus and trojans. This site should be fixed now and I’m waiting for Google to green list this site.

    This site in it self did not and still not have any virus and trojans. As I said, the iframe problem is fixed.

    I’m still looking into some possible problems with plugins and I might accidentally destroyed all drawings on every page and post and thereby maybe destroying the reason I have this site and everything I have built up for over a year.

    I will see this through, but then this might be it for this site. We’ll see. Sad day for me and this site anyhow.

  • My Wacom Intuos GD tablet is broken
  • Posted on January 24, 2010
  • My Wacom tablet broke this week. So there has not been so much going on.

    Just to the left of the center on the active area, from top to bottom, one to two cm wide area has stopped responding. Similar on the right side of the center, but maybe less then a cm wide area. This seams to also lead to heavier CPU usage overall then before.

    Before, the tablet mostly had problems responding to actions from the pen.

    I guess that is the end of the road for the tablet I bought summer last year (2009). I really need a new one. The next one will probably be a brand new Intuos 4 Medium. I can’t really afford it, but my dad will probably help me out and give me a payment plan that can work. No more old used expensive stuff.

    Even tho I did not have it such a long time, the Intuos GD tablet is really old, from the days before Windows XP. It did not really fit that well with Windows Vista either, was a bit of hacking one could say, to get it done. I think I had to use old and new installer and add registry key. Most of the work and trail and error to get it working was made by other people wanting their old tablets to work under Windows Vista.

    My goal with my old tablet was for it to pay for itself with my growing talent and possibly me earning money on making and selling art made with it.

    Even if I don’t feel like I have hit my target, most of the drawings on this site is made by the tablet an I have gotten better at drawing. In honer of the tablet and all drawings I have made with it, I have create a category called Intuos GD and I will put all drawings I have made with it in that category. And I will create a new category for the new tablet when it arrives.

    Thats all for now.

  • The Complete Chronicles of Conan
  • Posted on January 13, 2010
  • I’m not a bookworm like my beloved girlfriend. Most of my reading comes from Comics, Internet, subtitles on TV-Series and Movies, PDF files and so on.

    My beautiful girl wants me to reed more (as in books), so instead of giving me a Conan TPB collecting some fine comics from Dark Horse as a Christmas gift, she gave me The Complete Chronicles of Conan, Centenary Edition. It’s a mighty book.

    So now I’m going to do something different, I’m going to reed my self to sleep with a book. The horror. :giggle:

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  • There will be art later today
  • Posted on January 06, 2010
  • So, soon time to sleep. I got my Graphic Novel to read. Dark Avengers Vol.1: Assemble. And I got a paper bag of “lösgodis” containing mostly Wine Gums, my favorite candy.

    I think I got a few changes to make on my homepage. I like the look of Art magazines (computer Art, Fantasy, etc.) and I want to be able to present what I can do in a good fashion. A Portfolio and a Blog is not enough. I have to present what I can do, my skills, my tools, how I use my tools and work that is special to me. Everything in an easy and interesting way. I’m thinking of how the pages should look, be linked. Colors, backgrounds, images. Can I mix color backgrounds on the site? Could it look good? How about brown background? Or black? Should I stay with white?

    Sometime after I wake up I will upload new Art to the site. It might be one of my best works.

    Who would have thought that my girlfriends sister would be that good to play with on Left 4 Dead 2?

    Bye world, sweet dreams.

  • Transmission 004
  • Posted on January 03, 2010
  • Day 3, Transmission 4. The War is going badly. I might actually have to shower and clean before we can have another try at Left 4 Dead 2.

    It was fun. Me, my girlfriend and her sister picking up the fight against the Zombie hoard for survival. Exchanging Controls at Game Over to always have a fresh player in the 2 player local co-op mode (I don’t remember the name of the gaming mode).

    Being new at these kind of game, my girlfriends sister was quite good. To bad it did not help, as Normal seems to be to hard for us. Easy might be the only way to go.