• Girl with fedora 01
  • Posted on September 20, 2015
  • This will be my first image upload in a while on this site. I have had big problems with the site that apparently did not end when I did a complete new install except most important parts of the database and the images. I still could not show new images in the Blog. Apparently my gallery/image plug-in could not handle the size of image files that I’m working on even through it’s suppose to resize them after upload. No matter, I have had problems viewing and handling my large images on my tablet so I was thinking about making resized copies of all my Art on the computer. I looked for something that could handle resize images in bulk, or maybe I should say batch. I found IrfanView and it seams to work good and fast. So now I will have a lot smaller copies of my Art ready to upload with just a small bit of extra work.

    And now to the Art:

    The thought of this partly come from watching Agent Carter on Netflix. I think my girl with fedora is suppose to be a detective. It’s made in Manga Studio 5 and nearly finished, and yet finished for now.

  • Now I'm blocking old versions of Browsers
  • Posted on March 18, 2014
  • If everything is working as is should, I’m now blocking version:

    • 1-3 of Firefox
    • 1-3 of Chrome
    • 1-3 of Safari
    • All Internet Explorer versions up to number 8
    • All Opera versions up to number 8


    I’m pretty tired of seeing Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6-8 and Firefox 1-3 in the visitor statistics. Much of it is probably Spam Bots and other kinds of visitors I don’t care about and it hides the number of real visitors and what they actually want to see on my site.

    I’m hoping to make the statistics better and see if I can find a way to get more visitors to look at my more new updates.

  • Working on a new theme
  • Posted on February 01, 2014
  • I’m working on a new theme and until then I think I will use something more simple and clean. Hopefully my issues with the lightbox effect on images will be gone now.

    I might test the new theme now and then and update the site with more content that I hope will go well together with the new theme.

    More later….

  • Back in the game again!
  • Posted on February 24, 2013
  • The website is back again! I had to switch web hosts and thanks to a number of minor problems so it took some time before it was fixed. Now it’s back home at the WWW and it looks to be just as it where. That’s what matters to me. However, I want to make some changes this year.

    Plans for this year
    I want to make this site more interesting and deeper. Something more then it is today. Challenge myself to do more varied and better art, try new things. In addition to that, I would also try to write more, both short stories and articles about things that I find interesting in Art and other art-related fields.

    I’m going to start with focusing on drawing environments, backgrounds, together with events in them. There are lots of things I’m not not good at drawing that I want to convey, so I’m thinking about doing what I did when I was a kid: just draw it fast and easy, no matter how it looked. Same with writing and then improve it, develop on it, or re do it later if I want. Also use any tools to create it, drawing it in perspective, 2D, 3D model, Photo Art, build it in Lego or other blocks. Anything I can think of. Or just mix it all.

    Do you want me to draw your OC’s?
    I would also like to draw characters created by others, OC characters that is. Would be a fun complement to making Fan Art and drawing my own characters. Simply try my hand on drawing a few other people’s original characters for free if I can post the images on my website with a link back to the character or the character’s creator. Anybody interested? Just write a comment!

    I will still mostly create Digital and still mostly Comic Book based Art. Super Heroes, Fantasy and Science Fiction and so on.

  • Site updates
  • Posted on November 03, 2012
  • A while ago I got tired of updating my theme by hacking the code so I started using the Twentyeleven theme on this site and then decided to stay with it for a while. I got tired of that design also after a while and I wanted something that that felt more like my own. Thanks to the ability to customize the Twentyeleven theme this site has now got a new feel with a dark version of the same theme with more functions.

    Now I have also updated the start page and the About Me page, added a better looking header image, created bigger thumbnail images in the Portfolio. But the most interesting update to the site might be that I have changed the Comments function to Disqus.

    With Disqus I hope more visitors will feel like writing a comment and it looks better on the site then the old system.

    I might change and add more things, but I also have to make sure eventual problems thanks to the changes will be taken care of.

  • Updating this site
  • Posted on April 29, 2012
  • I’m working on new theme or themes for the site, new content and I’m trying out new services and plugins. I hope it will lead to more and better content.

    More 3D will be up soon!

  • Changing my theme
  • Posted on December 31, 2011
  • Right now I’m using Twenty Eleven 1.3 as my theme but I will update my old theme, or write a new one or rewrite another theme to suite my needs. Every bit of this site is going to get a makeover, new pages will be added with more content.

    I’m also thinking about posting more stuff then just my newest art, like thoughts and ideas.

    I’m also thinking about doing commissions if anyone is interested and if you just got ideas of stuff you think I should draw as in a character or theme, then let me know and I will see what I can do.

    And happy new year everybody! This might be my last post of 2011. Maybe. 😀 :party:

  • The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online
  • Posted on August 24, 2010
  • The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online now. Actually, the page never went away, but the gallery kind of did some time ago thanks to an accident on the site, where I deleted all galleries. After that I have taken some time to put things back together and changing some things. Now its time for this gallery as there seem to be some demand for it. 🙂

    Other unimportant rambelings

    Listing to Billy Talent on Spotify. Should sleep. Malmöfestivalen (Malmö City Festival) is on, some hours after I awake, it’s time for me and my girlfriend to go and see Against Me! live. That’s going to be a good way to say farewell to the summer. May the fall have some good music and comics.

  • Marvel Girl
  • Posted on July 21, 2010
  • A while ago I saw that somebody had used the search words “Marvel Girl” on Google and found a drawing on my site. But the problem was, even if that person would have liked the drawing she or he found, it was not Marvel Girl. Because of that, I decided to make a Marvel Girl drawing.

    I want to draw Cyclops next, but I have not decided what costume he should be drawn in. Maybe a classic just like the Marvel Girl one? I’m also thinking about creating a Fan Art Portfolio, it might come in hand as I really like making Fan Art as well as more original drawings.

    Marvel Girl

    Marvel Girl is the first alias used by Jean Grey, one of five founding member of the fictional Super Hero team known as X-Men that exists in Marvels comics world. She is a Mutant, and that means she is born with powers that in most cases is manifested during the teenage years. She is born with telepathic and telekinetic powers, as in being able to read, communicate with and control minds as well control (move) physical things with her mind.

    In comics, the X-Men Movies and cartoons, she is more known as the Phoenix. To read more about her, turn in to her Marvel Comics page.

  • Over 2000 visitors!
  • Posted on June 22, 2010
  • Hello! I haven’t been updating much lately with drawings and other things.  I have been working a bit, I got to earn some money and I have been to tired to draw and write anything on my little free time. But that is going to change right now as it looks I have enough free time to both rest and work with Art. I have also bought a  new Computer Screen to play with.

    Also, the site has passed 2000 visitors now!  That was my goal for the summer. Maybe it can go up to 3000 before the end of this year?

    Digital drawing and painting problems

    I have had problems with my Laptop being to weak and getting to hot while working and the small screen size at 15.6″ ain’t the best size to draw on. To fix those problems I have bought a new Computer Screen at 22 inch. It’s a LG Flatron 2220P Screen with a e-IPS panel if I’m not mistaken. It delivers good colors and a pretty good black and white, for a Computer Screen. The only thing that could really be improved on a Screen would be LED back-light as it would deliver better black and white. For the future I hope that buyers won’t have to choose between a LED TN Panel and a ordinary IPS panels. A IPS panel with LED is Gold, just look at a new iMac, is that is pretty or what?

    Next of improvements for me will be making the Laptop run cooler and save up money by working  so I can buy a new computer to use with my new Screen.