• Agent Crossgreen has a background
  • Posted on November 19, 2012
  • Fan Art is fun to draw because it’s easy, one does not have to come up with designs for the characters and so on. But with Original Characters you can do so many more things with them and you mostly own the rights for what you create your self.

    This is Agent Crossgreen, she is a operative and a spy just like Black Widow and Spider Woman of Marvel Universe. But Agent Crossgreen has a bad temper and does not let anyone stand in her way for very long. She has short green hair, she is strong for a woman but not superhuman. She is good at fighting and she does everything to win the fight, especially if it’s ugly. She is also a part time Super Hero, or Super Defender?

    Created in ArtRage Studio as usual with a perspective grid made from SketchUp. Thanks to the grid I saw some flaws and was able to add more details to Crossgreen and I think the background makes her look even better! I think this one is near finished now. It still needs more details to Agent Crossgreen’s costume and other fixes. I’m not sure yet what colors the costume should have.

    This one here has a perspective grid and horizontal line on. I will experiment more with grids, maybe use them on drawings I’m already working on.

  • Testing out my new perspective grid
  • Posted on November 17, 2012
  • This is not a tutorial. This is me testing out my new perspective grid, drawing, thinking and writing about it on my site.

    I have had and still have a problem drawing in 3D view, or perspective. I know some of the basics and I can draw a horizontal line and put out points for 1 point and 2 point perspectives. Maybe if I really tried I could set up a 3 point one without Google for instructions. I also know some basic tricks to add in things into the perspective, but what does that help without a good build up?

    There are some problems building a perspective. Often when dealing with 2 point perspective the points might need to be far out of the actual drawing for it to not look messed up. And then there are need of a extra set of points for objects not being straight or not going in a straight line. The same if you want to use perspective points to get the shadows right. Even when you build up a 1 point perspective, where should the point be? And how do you set up different camera angles for your perspective?

    There are so many more questions that I’m not thinking about right now and it all has made me a bit put off from drawing in perspective for a long time now. But I think that needs to change so I can really evolve.

    The good thing about being a Digital Artist is that there are more tools at your disposal that can help you and sometimes you can create them yourself if you are in need.

    The Perspective grid

    What is a Perspective grid? I guess it’s a grid in a perspective. Just Google it and you can see how it can look and how Artists use it in their works.

    The way I make the grid and how it looks like might be a bit different from how others are doing it. It’s not all that original either. I was browsing for Perspective grids and found one made in SketchUp of all places. It was not really what I was looking for, but a bit closer then many other ones I browsed through. So i decided to try making my own grid in SketchUp.

    The way I’m doing it here is essentially to create a space in 3D, like a room and make a grid over it with the line tool, building squares (all sides are the same, like Checkerboard). Then I use the finished grid as reference points to where the lines should go when I draw. This is my first test from ArtRage with the grid as a tracing image.

    This is another capture from the same grid:

    And last, a capture of the grid from SketchUp: