• Blue Elf update
  • Posted on October 09, 2012
  • I have updated my own Elf character Blue Elf. Not much of a name, but I needed one for my save file. 🙂

    It has been ages since I updated this drawing last time and it’s still not finished. Well, most of her is I guess, but I don’t know what to do with the chain and the background.

    Oh, and Blue Elf is a small bit less naked now.

  • Link riding Epona to action WIP update 11
  • Posted on December 03, 2011
  • It has been a while since I updated this drawing.

    Maybe I could leave it as finished this time? If not, maybe the next update will make it so. I really like how it has gotten now, but Epona still looks a bit round. Many things from anatomy to background is updated this time. Link Riding Epona to Action might be my best drawing yet again. Larger version of the image is available by clicking the image.

    Made in ArtRage 2.5-3.5 with Intuos GD-Intuos 4L tablets and various computers, 2010-2011. This is Fan Art based on Nintendo game series The Legend of Zelda.

  • Link riding Epona to action WIP update 10
  • Posted on December 12, 2010
  • Hello! Time for another update to my Zelda drawing featuring Link and his horse Epona. It has come a long way and might be on it’s way to getting finished. In this update many things have been redrawn and more detailed. Anatomy fixes and so on.

  • Link riding Epona to action WIP update 09
  • Posted on November 25, 2010
  • Again after another hiatus I’m back working on this drawing. It has changed even more then before. If you want to see the changes made on it you can look at Related Post under this post, there you will find older versions of this drawing. This drawing is now even wider and there has been many changes to the Anatomy and Line Art as well as the background. I have finally been able to chose a lighter more white Canvas in ArtRage, but it’s still not as white as I would like it to be. Oh well. 😀

    As usual, click on the image for a larger version.

  • Elf Warrior Girl Version 2 – Line Art near finished 2
  • Posted on September 30, 2010
  • Real image lost for now. Hopefully back soon!

    This update gets me more closer to finish the Line Art to this Elf girl. I have redrawn some lines to fix a few mistakes and added a few details on the girl and added a moon or sun (what will it be? 🙂 ) in the background to give it more then just a horizon line as background before the painting process. But it would be fun to add something more in the background.

    From the previous post:

    With this warrior girl I wanted to portray Elf’s as more technological then they are used to. In my mind Elf’s are somewhat stronger then Humans and they use armor and battle gear to give them even more edge against humans and other spices.  Her sword is technomagical. The blade is not permanent, but actually activated and thus appear out of thin air. The Shield has a built in camera on the front and a screen on the backside to more easily give cover. Her armor makes her stronger. It can also light up the dark. Still the armor does hardly weight anything. More things will come to light closer to finished.

    This Art Work is made in Art Rage 3 Studio, one of the best drawing and painting programs around and with one of the best drawing tablets, Wacom Intuos4L.