• The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online
  • Posted on August 24, 2010
  • The Life Drawing Portfolio is back Online now. Actually, the page never went away, but the gallery kind of did some time ago thanks to an accident on the site, where I deleted all galleries. After that I have taken some time to put things back together and changing some things. Now its time for this gallery as there seem to be some demand for it. 🙂

    Other unimportant rambelings

    Listing to Billy Talent on Spotify. Should sleep. Malmöfestivalen (Malmö City Festival) is on, some hours after I awake, it’s time for me and my girlfriend to go and see Against Me! live. That’s going to be a good way to say farewell to the summer. May the fall have some good music and comics.

  • Kroki/Life Drawings
  • Posted on December 11, 2009
  • There has been a few visitors coming to the site looking for Kroki/Life Drawings via Google Images, but for some reasons, visitors sometimes end up on a small thumbnail image instead of a big image or my Life Drawing gallery. I’m not really sure what to do about that, but putting up a post about my Kroki drawings should make it more easy for visitors to come right!

    Most of, if not all drawings are from my two years at the school NordvÀstra SkÄnes Folkhögskola in Munka Ljungby, Sweden. we had Kroki class (life drawing class) ones a week most of the time and sometimes whole days! As the name Kroki imply, it was naked models, both female and male, various ages.

    If you want to look at more Kroki drawings, click here for the portfolio!

    I will probably post some unpublished Kroki images soon as a part of my at least one post a week to the end of 2009  project. I hope you had a good time here!