• A ongoing living room drawing in One Point Perspective Update 01
  • Posted on October 10, 2014
  • Where to begin? Maybe by saying that I first draw the room and perspective grid and go from there. Basic shapes first according to more or less it’s real size and then add details and change things so they fit. As of now I’m probably at 45 layers and I don’t think I use half of them. But some of the layers have information that I might need if I mess something up.

    I’m pretty new at doing a real attempt at perspective drawing and I really like how this one is going. it’s loosely based on a old apartment that I had previously, but it will have a spin on modern electronics and I will try to fit it all to a character that will live there.

    Much will be added and some changed. Some things will probably not point to the same perspective, but how to set it up I don’t know yet. I have not found much on alternative perspectives in a drawing yet.

    Click for larger image.

    But for all things I don’t know, it’s a lot more easy to draw now as using a grid, drawing to scale, Manga Studio 5 perspective rulers, real measurements, free transform tool, doing some things in 2D and more direct reference images really helps!

    I think there is to little information (tutorials and so on) on perspective drawing with software, especially ones with tools for drawing perspective. Even less without videos. So I’m thinking about making tutorials (both written ones with images and videos) and make better ones when I learn better ways or wrongs I do.

    That is all for now, back to the drawing tablet!

  • A 1 point perspective drawing update
  • Posted on September 24, 2014
  • The power of Manga Studio 5 is great! Having a grid and finding out how I can use it makes it more and more easy to draw something with the perspective ruler in Manga Studio 5. It’s soon time to add more details and life to this one. I want all the stuff that I add to look old by design.

  • On perspective drawing – Fall 2014
  • Posted on September 21, 2014
  • I have had some great ideas on drawing in 2D and converting it into a perspective drawings or 3D-models, but just drawing and hoping for the best does not make it work. Also, my old perspective drawings and the way I have been drawing them have not worked so good, making key parts of a scene far away in the wrong place and messing up with the scale of things. I can keep making corrections to characters and scenery forever, but it’s kind of boring when it barely gives anything back and it has made me draw less again.

    But I have been doing some tests and a lot of rethinking on how to draw background and interiors. My answers so far is do more with less, reuse stuff and the use of a well planned Grid with a good scale of things!

    Something like this is probably how I’m going to work from now on in Manga Studio. I might release a tutorial in the future on my process or a part of it. I will hopefully evolve the way I work and speed it up.

    If you want to make a good perspective drawing without winging it, the best way to do it these days are probably to use software like Manga Studio 5 or openCanvas 6 with their perspective tools, transform tools and grid functions. And I really like to use layer color on layers in Manga Studio because it’s so much easier now to notice when I start drawing in the wrong layer. Very good as I build everything I draw with many layers.

  • Boy Room – Line Art and adding in details
  • Posted on December 18, 2012
  • Here I have added in new things and more detail using both the 1 point perspective grid and free hand drawing.

    Looks like this is my best perspective drawing yet. Starting with painting seams to be a good idea.

    This is part 3. For part 4 look here. Part 1, part 2.

  • Boy Room – Drawing in perspective over the painting
  • Posted on December 16, 2012
  • In this update I’m drawing over the painting in perspective so I can get it right. When that is done I can add things in to the room and make it all look better before I paint it over again.

    I’m using a perspective grid I made that is converted into a stencil in ArtRage. A stencil is good because it can be placed partly outside the canvas area and it can be hidden when not in use. A stencil can also act as a ruler and you can spin it around, which gives even more possibilities.

    At the beginning of this part I made sure that the lines in the perspective grid stencil was somewhat aligned with the lines of the painting before I painted it on to a new layer. It created a 1 point perspective in blue. Is important to get the right height on the perspective point which gives a horizontal line, so my thought was to see the room through a camera in the approximate height of a person’s eyes. The desk chair is not pointing directly at the desk, so I decided to put up a 2 point perspective outside the canvas surface and paint the lines of the grid in orange were the chair is on yet another layer. I had to change the perspective points a few times to get the lines of the stencil somewhat aligned with the chair before I found the final place of the grid.

    This is part 2. For part 3 look here. Part 1, part 4.

  • Agent Crossgreen has a background
  • Posted on November 19, 2012
  • Fan Art is fun to draw because it’s easy, one does not have to come up with designs for the characters and so on. But with Original Characters you can do so many more things with them and you mostly own the rights for what you create your self.

    This is Agent Crossgreen, she is a operative and a spy just like Black Widow and Spider Woman of Marvel Universe. But Agent Crossgreen has a bad temper and does not let anyone stand in her way for very long. She has short green hair, she is strong for a woman but not superhuman. She is good at fighting and she does everything to win the fight, especially if it’s ugly. She is also a part time Super Hero, or Super Defender?

    Created in ArtRage Studio as usual with a perspective grid made from SketchUp. Thanks to the grid I saw some flaws and was able to add more details to Crossgreen and I think the background makes her look even better! I think this one is near finished now. It still needs more details to Agent Crossgreen’s costume and other fixes. I’m not sure yet what colors the costume should have.

    This one here has a perspective grid and horizontal line on. I will experiment more with grids, maybe use them on drawings I’m already working on.

  • Testing out my new perspective grid
  • Posted on November 17, 2012
  • This is not a tutorial. This is me testing out my new perspective grid, drawing, thinking and writing about it on my site.

    I have had and still have a problem drawing in 3D view, or perspective. I know some of the basics and I can draw a horizontal line and put out points for 1 point and 2 point perspectives. Maybe if I really tried I could set up a 3 point one without Google for instructions. I also know some basic tricks to add in things into the perspective, but what does that help without a good build up?

    There are some problems building a perspective. Often when dealing with 2 point perspective the points might need to be far out of the actual drawing for it to not look messed up. And then there are need of a extra set of points for objects not being straight or not going in a straight line. The same if you want to use perspective points to get the shadows right. Even when you build up a 1 point perspective, where should the point be? And how do you set up different camera angles for your perspective?

    There are so many more questions that I’m not thinking about right now and it all has made me a bit put off from drawing in perspective for a long time now. But I think that needs to change so I can really evolve.

    The good thing about being a Digital Artist is that there are more tools at your disposal that can help you and sometimes you can create them yourself if you are in need.

    The Perspective grid

    What is a Perspective grid? I guess it’s a grid in a perspective. Just Google it and you can see how it can look and how Artists use it in their works.

    The way I make the grid and how it looks like might be a bit different from how others are doing it. It’s not all that original either. I was browsing for Perspective grids and found one made in SketchUp of all places. It was not really what I was looking for, but a bit closer then many other ones I browsed through. So i decided to try making my own grid in SketchUp.

    The way I’m doing it here is essentially to create a space in 3D, like a room and make a grid over it with the line tool, building squares (all sides are the same, like Checkerboard). Then I use the finished grid as reference points to where the lines should go when I draw. This is my first test from ArtRage with the grid as a tracing image.

    This is another capture from the same grid:

    And last, a capture of the grid from SketchUp: