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  • Posted on September 25, 2010
  • Under this post and/or category name I post random thoughts about, well anything I want to write that does not really deserve a post of it’s own. And these are just my thoughts and no absolute truths. Maybe not even my final opinion about the subjects I write about.

    I wish there was a easy way to switch to left hand mode on my Wacom Intuos4L tablet in Ubuntu. My tablet is not really useful to me in a right-hand state.

    Most interesting image software for the Linux platform right now is Pinta (Paint.Net clone), MyPaint (new take on how to create Art on computer) and Nathive (something like Photoshop and still not). I hope Pinta developers aim a bit higher then Paint.Net because Paint.Net does not support Wacom tablets and it’s missing some good features that could have been there. MyPaint could be a alternative to ArtRage in the future if they do things right. But none of the programs is really ready for use yet and it was a while ago they where updated. But I will keep my eyes on them because they might be the future image editors on Linux.

    The main reason why I don’t like GIMP and Krita is because the GUI/Toolbars takes up to much of the screen. When I create something, I want as much of my screen as possible to be the canvas area. In this and many other areas I think developers of this kind of programs should look at ArtRage because it’s all about the canvas and work flow.

    I hope Ambient Design someday ports ArtRage over to Linux. Maybe when the iPad version is done?

    I’m kind of Windows bound until A. There is a program that can compete with ArtRage is ready on Linux. B. ArtRage is ported to Linux. C. ArtRage start working under WINE.

    It would be fun to someday test some other drawing tablets then my wonderful Intuos4L.

    Over at DeviantArt I’m uploading slightly bigger versions of some of the best drawings I have here. As of writing, I only got two drawings uploaded. In the future I might use Deviant Art’s printing serviceĀ  for people who would like to buy prints of my Art. If there is interests for this option already, write to me here. Anyhow, here is a link to my page over there.