• Testing the Wacom Radial Menu in Manga Studio 5
  • Posted on March 16, 2014
  • I’m testing the Wacom Radial Menu because I want to be able to work Full Screen (or as near as possible) when drawing and still have fast access to a few tools without bringing the GUI back or having to try finding a key or two on the tablet or keyboard. As of now I’m using one of the side buttons on my pen and the top key on the tablet. Pretty easy to find when concentrating on the Monitor.

    What is so awesome with the concept of a Radial Menu is to have a Pie Menu open up around the Pointer which makes it fast and easy to press one of the buttons. No Pointer traveling on the Monitor to press a button with other words. Granted, I’m a Wacom Intuos 4 user, so I might not have the most new or cool version of the Wacom Radial Menu. But any software coder/developer could make their own stand alone or Software included Radial Menu.

    Things I would like to see in a Radial Menu

    • It would be nice to be able to add Icons or Software Icons to the Labels so it would be more easy to tell the functions of the buttons. If not Software Icons, maybe small images that shows the functions of the buttons.
    • It would be nice to be able to change color, size and text size of the menu.
    • Maybe some buttons that are used less often could be grouped closer giving space for more used buttons.

     Is there any stand alone Radial menus out there?

    I have not found any yet or a Drawing/Painting software that uses it’s own. If any out there knows anything, please tell. 🙂

    Will Manga Studio ever really go Full Screen?

  • Back in the game again!
  • Posted on February 24, 2013
  • The website is back again! I had to switch web hosts and thanks to a number of minor problems so it took some time before it was fixed. Now it’s back home at the WWW and it looks to be just as it where. That’s what matters to me. However, I want to make some changes this year.

    Plans for this year
    I want to make this site more interesting and deeper. Something more then it is today. Challenge myself to do more varied and better art, try new things. In addition to that, I would also try to write more, both short stories and articles about things that I find interesting in Art and other art-related fields.

    I’m going to start with focusing on drawing environments, backgrounds, together with events in them. There are lots of things I’m not not good at drawing that I want to convey, so I’m thinking about doing what I did when I was a kid: just draw it fast and easy, no matter how it looked. Same with writing and then improve it, develop on it, or re do it later if I want. Also use any tools to create it, drawing it in perspective, 2D, 3D model, Photo Art, build it in Lego or other blocks. Anything I can think of. Or just mix it all.

    Do you want me to draw your OC’s?
    I would also like to draw characters created by others, OC characters that is. Would be a fun complement to making Fan Art and drawing my own characters. Simply try my hand on drawing a few other people’s original characters for free if I can post the images on my website with a link back to the character or the character’s creator. Anybody interested? Just write a comment!

    I will still mostly create Digital and still mostly Comic Book based Art. Super Heroes, Fantasy and Science Fiction and so on.