• Working on a new theme
  • Posted on February 01, 2014
  • I’m working on a new theme and until then I think I will use something more simple and clean. Hopefully my issues with the lightbox effect on images will be gone now.

    I might test the new theme now and then and update the site with more content that I hope will go well together with the new theme.

    More later….

  • Site updates
  • Posted on November 03, 2012
  • A while ago I got tired of updating my theme by hacking the code so I started using the Twentyeleven theme on this site and then decided to stay with it for a while. I got tired of that design also after a while and I wanted something that that felt more like my own. Thanks to the ability to customize the Twentyeleven theme this site has now got a new feel with a dark version of the same theme with more functions.

    Now I have also updated the start page and the About Me page, added a better looking header image, created bigger thumbnail images in the Portfolio. But the most interesting update to the site might be that I have changed the Comments function to Disqus.

    With Disqus I hope more visitors will feel like writing a comment and it looks better on the site then the old system.

    I might change and add more things, but I also have to make sure eventual problems thanks to the changes will be taken care of.

  • Changing my theme
  • Posted on December 31, 2011
  • Right now I’m using Twenty Eleven 1.3 as my theme but I will update my old theme, or write a new one or rewrite another theme to suite my needs. Every bit of this site is going to get a makeover, new pages will be added with more content.

    I’m also thinking about posting more stuff then just my newest art, like thoughts and ideas.

    I’m also thinking about doing commissions if anyone is interested and if you just got ideas of stuff you think I should draw as in a character or theme, then let me know and I will see what I can do.

    And happy new year everybody! This might be my last post of 2011. Maybe. 😀 :party:

  • Over 2000 visitors!
  • Posted on June 22, 2010
  • Hello! I haven’t been updating much lately with drawings and other things.  I have been working a bit, I got to earn some money and I have been to tired to draw and write anything on my little free time. But that is going to change right now as it looks I have enough free time to both rest and work with Art. I have also bought a  new Computer Screen to play with.

    Also, the site has passed 2000 visitors now!  That was my goal for the summer. Maybe it can go up to 3000 before the end of this year?

    Digital drawing and painting problems

    I have had problems with my Laptop being to weak and getting to hot while working and the small screen size at 15.6″ ain’t the best size to draw on. To fix those problems I have bought a new Computer Screen at 22 inch. It’s a LG Flatron 2220P Screen with a e-IPS panel if I’m not mistaken. It delivers good colors and a pretty good black and white, for a Computer Screen. The only thing that could really be improved on a Screen would be LED back-light as it would deliver better black and white. For the future I hope that buyers won’t have to choose between a LED TN Panel and a ordinary IPS panels. A IPS panel with LED is Gold, just look at a new iMac, is that is pretty or what?

    Next of improvements for me will be making the Laptop run cooler and save up money by working  so I can buy a new computer to use with my new Screen.

  • More drawings are back Online now
  • Posted on April 17, 2010
  • Many posts are still without their pictures, but they are slowly getting fewer.

    Next week I will actually add new drawings to the site and update the header of the site. Maybe I will make the header a bit bigger, but mostly it needs some cleaning and the text is going to get sharper, even the title.

    Anyhow, time to sleep. I hope I will have some time over to play Red Steel 2 this weekend.

  • More about yesterdays blacklisting
  • Posted on April 16, 2010
  • I did not have a Virus or anything like that on my Homepage, but it was probably the right call from Google to blacklist my homepage. Aperantly when I updated my homepage theme I bought with me a iFrame link that loaded 1px height of a homepage with Virus and Trojans. It does not look like it was harmful as the other site was blacklisted to.

    I found out late yesterday that many of my HTML files on my computer had that iFrame link to and some still do (I have some cleaning to do). My computer had a big Virus outbreak a while ago and I think the Virus spread the iFrame link to as many HTML documents it could. Then my Virus software did not notice it as the link in it self is not a Virus.

    Funny and tragic at the same time. The sad part is that the browser Chrome also gave me a false positive that something was wrong with my plugins. In panic i deleted some of them and reinstalled most of them. The sad part is that it looks like most of the drawings and pictures went away to. But I’m slowly uploading them again. At least the ones I can find the right place. Maybe some of them can be restored by a backup or something.

    Anyhow, this site is safe again. But I did not know Google had that power of blacklisting. Firefox and Chrome warned about the site as well as the Google site. Internet Explorer did not and probably not the other search engines. I do not know about other browsers.

  • Back on the web!
  • Posted on March 25, 2010
  • Worldsonpaper.com has had a bit of downtime lately for a number or reasons and I have not been updating the site as much as I should have.

    But we are back, the same Webmasters, the same Artist (that would be me), but now at a new server that should have a really good uptime and be a lot faster! This move will not be permanent, but when it’s time to move to a more permanent location, the moving should be pretty transparent and unnoticeable.

    I have two drawings to upload soon, both made with my Wacom tablet, but only one of them in ArtRage!

  • There will be art later today
  • Posted on January 06, 2010
  • So, soon time to sleep. I got my Graphic Novel to read. Dark Avengers Vol.1: Assemble. And I got a paper bag of “lösgodis” containing mostly Wine Gums, my favorite candy.

    I think I got a few changes to make on my homepage. I like the look of Art magazines (computer Art, Fantasy, etc.) and I want to be able to present what I can do in a good fashion. A Portfolio and a Blog is not enough. I have to present what I can do, my skills, my tools, how I use my tools and work that is special to me. Everything in an easy and interesting way. I’m thinking of how the pages should look, be linked. Colors, backgrounds, images. Can I mix color backgrounds on the site? Could it look good? How about brown background? Or black? Should I stay with white?

    Sometime after I wake up I will upload new Art to the site. It might be one of my best works.

    Who would have thought that my girlfriends sister would be that good to play with on Left 4 Dead 2?

    Bye world, sweet dreams.

  • Still kind of dead with updates?
  • Posted on December 10, 2009
  • I’m right now working on building a job application in HTML/CSS, 2 SketchUp projects and a multi character ArtRage Image that I might use as a new header for this homepage. That and other things takes up allot of time and I’m not that good at time managing for personal work, yet.

    But I do miss putting up Art on the homepage and I would like to do it at least one time a week. So that’s what I’m going to do! I will be putting something new or updated on the blog atleast ones a week untill the end of 2009. That will be at least 4 updates. 🙂

    But I’m aiming a bit higher then that! I have some planning to do. Choosing what I should work on and maybe finding some thing that ain’t on the blog that I want to show. Maybe even something on the homepage that has missed the spotlight! The first of the 4+ posts will be Online sometime tomorrow!

    I will also try to link posts that has something to do with each other so visitors can more easily follow up on drawings and other projects.


    For next year I’m working on some plans as I want 2010 to be the best year in a long time! I will soon present some goals for the next year when it comes to my art and this site.

  • What’s new?
  • Posted on October 01, 2009
  • A while sense I posted anything the last time. I’m working on one of my best drawings to this date and when it’s finished it might be right on the top or the best drawing so far!

    I will spoil so much that the theme of the drawing is Star Trek. I won’t post it until I think it is ready for the Internet and even then, it might be far from done.

    Not much else in works.

    September has been this homepage most successful month when it comes to visitors (and unsuccessful spambots). The future is bright. But I have to do something about the menu-bar as some people have problems seeing it and navigate with it.

    That’s all for this time, I think. It’s late here, time to sleep! 😀