• What I wish I had on my school application portfolio 02
  • Posted on May 29, 2009
  • Not that much update to the previus and first post of the series, but here we go!

    So far I’m not happy with the shape of the Wii console beside the TV and something looks a bit off with the chairs. The main people are shaping up a bit. If I fix my two problems some way, I can start adding more detail to the drawing.

    A part of me wants to destroy the chairs part and I by some reason seem to often draw big heads.

    A bit tired now. I might put some new functions to this and other posts later on for better navigation. Good bye for now and thanks for your time!

  • What I wish I had on my school application portfolio 01
  • Posted on May 27, 2009
  • Time is a funny thing, there is never enough of it! For this instance, there is so much I never had time to create for the Portfolio I sent together with my application for a school. In this series of posts I will address that and put together the perfect Portfolio I never sent, peace by peace until I’m happy with it. Then collect all new final drawings from these posts and the best I already have in a special gallery in a final post. This project and a possible Perspective project will shape my current main Portfolio into something better, to show what I now actually can do.

    This is series is only for drawings.

    First up are two pictures of a work in progress project in the rather casual working name of Family Party. What probably will become of this drawing is a girl playing Wii in a unknown livingroom. The premise is that a party is going on where probably most of the people is related somehow. A family gathering of some kind. Maybe a birthday?

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    The drawing over this text is the first one i scanned on this project.

    And this is the newest scanned one. But not that hard to see, right? 🙂

    Some lines might be very thin or light on this unfinished stage on some screens. Something I will try to adress somehow when I get hold of a better laptop or a new screen.

    That’s all for this time. Have a nice day!