• Frustration when creating Art
  • Posted on September 17, 2017

First I paint a outline of what I want. Then I click on creating a new layer and I start to draw over what I have painted. When I first try to erase lines and paint disappears and I know no new layer has been created and I let my frustrations go out in some kind of noise that makes my girlfriend wonder whats up and I have to explain. When I’m clam I think no worries, I will draw over the old stuff in a new layer that I make sure is created and active. The drawing goes well… Until my computer screen goes black and the music from my Spotify Discover Weekly list stops. First I think maybe more things around me are affected, but no, the lights are still on. I look at the power light on my computer and it’s on and the computer screen is still black. Soon after I see on my right screen that the computer is starting up again. I think that is the first time something like that happens without a Blue Screen type of thing. There is no save of my work so I have to start from the beginning again. I guess I will be up late trying to recreate something.