• Girl Power
  • Posted on December 15, 2009

As a form of training I wanted to make a group drawing with Superheroes. I wanted to make one with characters I have created. I started out with a few girls in the middle. I thought about the composition and what I wanted to add. It hit me that a girls only drawing would look the best. So the project name was changed from Super People to Power Girls and finally to Girl Power. I think the name sounds kind of fun. :laugh:

Characters in the drawing: Berry the Pirate Girl, Flicker Light, Water Girl (still working name only),  Bolt (working name), a new elf girl without a name and the one with wings above: Anqenyne (working name).

As a Header

I have plans to use this drawing as a new header for the site. I plan to change the header as we go into the new year if all goes as planned. hopefully a better looking title for the site will come along with the new header image.

This is also the second post with art of four or more before the end of 2009 that is in my at least a post a week plan.