• Link riding Epona to action WIP update 07
  • Posted on June 02, 2010

When I wrote the words to my previous post I thought, why not do as many of those updates I thought about doing to my Link drawing as I can right now?

My girlfriend has been on me a bit about the Anatomy of Epona and I have a few reference images of horses, but I have not really understood what I saw when looking at them. But now after some redrawing I understand my girl’s words and two reference pictures a lot better. I guess it’s about learning by drawing! 😀

This is the seventh update of this The Legend of Zelda fan Art on this site and thirteenth actual update to the drawing.  I guess it’s nearing completion and it’s probably my best drawing ever, especially after this update!

What makes me feel so good about this update is that Epona is much closer to looking like a actual horse and Link has gotten a few anatomy tweaks, like his ears, throat and left arm.

I’m not sure if I should let Link and Epona be alone in the forest in this one or if I should put something or someone more into it. Like, would this drawing and Link with a drawn sword look better if Ganondorf stood in front of our heroes? What do you think?

I think I want to color it when it’s done and also put some texture in on Link’s clothes. And maybe I should learn some shading?

Maybe I should add this update to my very none existent drawings on my DeviantArt account? Oh well, it’s early on my twenty-sixth birthday now and I should get some sleep.


EDIT: Fixed a word that was wrong.