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  • Posted on June 22, 2010

Hello! I haven’t been updating much lately with drawings and other things.  I have been working a bit, I got to earn some money and I have been to tired to draw and write anything on my little free time. But that is going to change right now as it looks I have enough free time to both rest and work with Art. I have also bought a  new Computer Screen to play with.

Also, the site has passed 2000 visitors now!  That was my goal for the summer. Maybe it can go up to 3000 before the end of this year?

Digital drawing and painting problems

I have had problems with my Laptop being to weak and getting to hot while working and the small screen size at 15.6″ ain’t the best size to draw on. To fix those problems I have bought a new Computer Screen at 22 inch. It’s a LG Flatron 2220P Screen with a e-IPS panel if I’m not mistaken. It delivers good colors and a pretty good black and white, for a Computer Screen. The only thing that could really be improved on a Screen would be LED back-light as it would deliver better black and white. For the future I hope that buyers won’t have to choose between a LED TN Panel and a ordinary IPS panels. A IPS panel with LED is Gold, just look at a new iMac, is that is pretty or what?

Next of improvements for me will be making the Laptop run cooler and save up money by working  so I can buy a new computer to use with my new Screen.