• So, here I am
  • Posted on June 25, 2009

Last week was busy.  The school I applied for was The Game Academy in Malmö, one of the big cities in Sweden. It is pretty much what is says, a school where students learn how to make Video Games professionally. The curriculum is mostly written by Massive Entertainment, one of the big game studios in Sweden. That means the education is based on the needs of the industry.

It has been an interesting ride from finding out about the school thanks to a information card about the education in Science Fiction Book  Store (SF-Bokhandeln) in Malmö, to a information day at the school where one could interact with students and the teachers. Working hard and for a long time to put together a portfolio application for the school. Then being called to the interview/test day, doing an home assignment as the last test.

But everything has to come to an end and this was it for me. In the end, I was one of them who did not make the last cut.

I do feel sad about it, but I made it so far! I am proud of what I have accomplished to get this far. One reason I made this homepage is that it made me focus at making art and putting together a portfolio, two things I badly needed for the portfolio part of my application.

I think this homepage of mine will help me further in my development as an Artist. I will now focus my time on learning new things by drawing, like exploring my Wacom Intuos (first series) A4 serial drawing board I bought last week and focus much more time in finding a job as I really need one. I have a few ideas that would be fun to make now that I am growing as a Artist that I might be able to make a few bucks on, even if my time spent on them would probably be worth more money.

I’m thinking about applying to the school again next year also because if I was this close this year, what would I not be next year? And this is something I would really do, just like working for Marvel Comics, but I ain’t that god yet in a longshot. 😛

So overall, what happened last week?

The interview was last week

I worked on the home assignment

Spent a day with my kid brother

Saw Terminator Salvation with Patrik (really good movie!)

Played with the Wacom drawing board

Celebrated Midsommar with my girlfriends family

That’s was it for this time I think. It should soon be time for uploads of new pictures of my works. Have a nice day, evning or night!