• About me

me01Hello! My name is Jimmy Svensson. I often goes under the nickname Tuulikk on the Internet. I am 33 years old and to be 34 in the middle of 2018. I live in the city of Helsingborg in Sweden with my girlfriend and partner in life. I am a Digital Artist in my free time and my Art style takes a lot if inspiration from over 20 years of reading Marvel Comics. I like to draw Superheroes, Transformers, Fantasy and some other stuff to a lesser extent. From Fan-Art to Original Art. To create my Art I use my 27″ Benq IPS Monitor as my main screen and a 22″ LG IPS as my second one. I use a Wacom Intuos 4L drawing tablet that has a drawing area a bit bigger then a A4 paper.  Computer parts are Phenom II 4X 970 3.5GHZ processor, Geforce GTX 550Ti graphics card, 16 GB DDR3 RAM memory, a SSD as my Windows Drive and a 2 TB Hard Drive that I store my files on. My main Operating System is Windows 10. The drawing/painting App I most use is Clip Studio Paint (formerly known as Manga Studio) because it has good enough GUI layout, many good tools that can be combined to create Art in new ways.

Interests outside drawing and other Arts:

Comics, Sci-Fi and Fantasy (TV, Movies and Books), computer hardware, testing interesting software, going for walks, my girlfriend and our birds.

Type of music i listen to:

Gothic Metal, Doom Metal, Power Metal, Darkwave, Electronic, Hardcore, Punk, Female Vocalists and many others. This according to last.fm anyway. My favorite band is Paradise Lost, followed by Hungry Lucy, Volbeat, Raised Fist and many other.

Me and comics:

My favorite comics company is Marvel Comics and I enjoy reading a lot of their comics in Marvel Unlimited. Until DC Comics create a similar service I won’t be reading much of their comics. I mostly read on my 10″ Samsung Android tablet. Favorite comics right now are most stuff with the X-Men and Avengers. Favorite Comics Artists are John Romita Jr, Oliver Copiel, Leinil Yu and others. Favorite Comics Writers are Brian Lynch, DnA, J. Michael Straczynski, Brian Michael Bendis and so on.


Some of my favorite games are first two Batman Arkham games, Age of Empires II on Steam PC. The Conduit, Red Steel, Goodfather: Blackhand Edition and Marvel Ultimate Alliance on Wii. Left 4 Dead II on Xbox 360. X-Men Legends games on GameCube. I don’t game that much as of writing, but it might change soon.

Favorite Apps:

Marvel Unlimited – Comics on Android, AntennaPod – Podcast player on Android, Manga Studio – drawing/painting app on Windows and Mac.

Wish for:

Being good enough to live of my Art.