• Captain Marvel in the air
  • Posted on May 05, 2018
  • Fan-Art of Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics. About 92% done as of writing. Done in Clip Studio Paint on my Wacom Intuos 4L drawing tablet.

  • Captain America with his shield
  • Posted on April 17, 2018
  • This is the first update with new content in a while on this site. But from now on I’m working on getting new Art and possibly other stuff more frequently. I have recently changed how I draw, again. Now back to a less polished more rough style because I think it will make me less stuck and faster at drawing. If anyone want’s to color my drawings and think they can make a better job at it then me, maybe we can collaborate? Write to me.

    Now to the Art:

    Marvel Captain America Fan-Art. This is as most of my work made in Clip Studio Paint Pro version with my old and trusted Wacom Intuos 4 Large drawing tablet.



  • Ms. Marvel – Heroic Pose
  • Posted on March 22, 2015
  • I found a old photo of a girl on the Internet with a pose I like. I decided Ms. Marvel (classic one) would be a good fit for the pose. Then I opened up DAZ Studio and tried to capture the pose, but the shoulder and hand positions got a bit different and the camera angle is a little bit different to (Ms. Marvel is a bit more towards the camera compared to the photo). Then I rendered it to a Image and used it as a reference for this drawing.

    Manga Studio 5. First i sketched shapes and tried to come close to my render, then I started to add more and more details not caring about line work and positions that much. When I had most things done I made the sketch layer blue and added a vector layer on top and “sculpted” out the shapes for a good line work. Then flat colors and shading. I did not want to do a background, but neither white or black felt right so now she has nothing behind.


    I don’t want to spend more energy and time on it right now, so I upload it as it is. I might add a background and change things, but I think it will be another version instead of just a improvement. I might update shading, light and very minor details on this one.

    Fan-Art. Ms. Marvel is a Marvel Comics character.

    Comments are welcome, also ideas of what a good background would be. Thanks for watching!

  • Spider-Man takes on Classic Avengers – Work in progress 04
  • Posted on September 08, 2012
  • Iron Man VS Spider-Man

    Somewhere deep inside Avengers Mansion.

    Spider-Man battles Iron Man in his Quest to defeat The Mighty Avengers to save his love from the hands of Kang The Conqueror and the Green Goblin.

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    This is very near finished now. This update actually has post work done on the drawing, so this version of the drawing is “finished”.Created in ArtRage with my Wacom tablet and post work in Paint.Net.

    For more information on this Fan Art project, look down at related posts.

  • Spider-Man takes on Classic Avengers – Work in progress 03
  • Posted on September 01, 2012
  • Spider-Man VS Iron Man

    Somewhere deep inside Avengers Mansion.

    Spider-Man battles Iron Man in his Quest to defeat The Mighty Avengers to save his love from the hands of Kang The Conqueror and the Green Goblin.

    Earlier I started a Fan Art project where Spider-Man was battling The Avengers, classic versions of those characters. The idea was to make a few or more drawings of the battles. Now finally I’m posting an update to that project with a very small piece of backstory I have come up with. More later on.

    I think the drawing is mostly finished now! I think I’m going to make a T-shirt print of a raster version of it.

    The history progress of the drawing:

    Made with ArtRage 3 Studio and a Wacom Intuos 4L Tablet.

  • Avengers VS X-Men Fan Art
  • Posted on June 08, 2012
  • Captain America VS Cyclops work in progress.

    Fan Art, made in ArtRage Studio 3.5 with my Intuos 4L tablet.

  • Spider-Man takes on Classic Avengers – Work in progress 02
  • Posted on May 26, 2012
  • Fan Art. Captain America talking to Spider-Man. Much of the drawing is remade. Better anatomy, detail. Cleaner Art and so on. But not all that special as it is just the same simple drawing, just looking way better. ArtRage 3.5 Studio and Intuos 4L tablet as usual.

    I think this is good training for a full 70ties style Avengers drawing I’m planning for the future.

  • Spider Kiss Update
  • Posted on May 16, 2012
  • Spider-Man kissing Spider-Woman.

    I have redrawn the image.The anatomy and detail is a bit better now.

  • Captain America in 3D WIP01
  • Posted on April 09, 2012
  • This is Daz Studio renders of the project I’m working on. Lots of tweaks to get the body and face right are still needed and I’m thinking of actually sculpting/building his mask on his face instead of just painting it on. Anyhow, when he is finished I want Captain America to have a Comic Book look with the colors and everything. The goal a classic look on the character.

    I’m happy about most things in this front view, but the head is not one of them and the boots needs some tweaking.

    The fingers does not look good in this view and I’m going to tweak the legs. The boots also look wrong.

    Butt and hands needs some work in this view. Anything else?

    The face looks to round yet, but it ain’t as easy to see in Blender for me as in Daz Studio, but I will probably work it out. The hands are from the previous post.