• Stuff I’m working on – 3
  • Posted on November 14, 2015
  • Under the title “Stuff I’m working on” I will showcase Art in various state of progress. I may or may not write about the Art or how I’m working on it. If Art is developed further they will probably get their own posts further on anyway. If you have questions you can leave a comment or write to me on the feedback page. I hope this will help me post more Art more frequently and easier than before.

    And now for the third batch of Art:

    More of this later.

    Fantomen, or The Phantom outside the movie theater Röda Kvarn in Helsingborg Sweden. I think my first try on a Photo Background.

    This is progressing well, but slow. Wish I could go where I want to with less steps.

    Viva le France. One of the backbones of Europes… No, the worlds democracy. You showed us that we could once again live in a world without kings and that the common people can be free and have something to live for. We morn over the lives you lost.

  • Isometric drawings
  • Posted on November 02, 2014
  • There are more ways to draw environments and backgrounds then in perspective. Like Isometric drawing. Click on the images for bigger size and you can see the Grid I’m using to draw these.

    If I create comics I think I’m going to use Isometric drawing for some of the backgrounds because I like the look of some Isometric backgrounds I have seen and the Grid helps a lot to show where to draw the lines. It also makes it more easy to emulate Game Art.

    Some specs:

    Made in Manga Studio 5 with the size A4 600 PPI using the Grid tool and Snap to Grid where I created my own Isometric Grid.

  • Planning a drawing or scene with a Stick Figure 01
  • Posted on June 16, 2014
  • I’m drawing as I write this blog post. Kind of fun. First my thoughts before we begin.

    I have problems drawing in perspective, drawing scenes/environments/space/setting or whatever you want to call it. But it feels like I should be better at doing it because my skill and understanding in other areas are much greater.

    I have been listening to Writing Excuses (Mary Robinette Kowal, Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler and Dan Wells) which is a great Podcast for people who want to write Fiction and they are talking about two writing metods: Discovery Writing or Outlining and blending of both. One could say just writing or planning the story.

    I think this is also a large part of drawing and only putting my pen to the tablet does not seem to work when I do more then a human figure. I think I need to know more about the setting, planning where things are, how they look and how humans interact with the setting/scene.

    So I’m taking it back to basic, 2D drawing with Stick Figures and later on Figure Drawing. With Layers, Transform Tools and Perspective Rules of Manga Studio and ArtRage I can put things into perspective so to say.

    Now to the drawing. My theme (web site layout) or something is not letting me use the width of the drawing I want to show (it will be fixed later, with or without my new theme when it’s done), but you can still enlarge the images by clicking on them.

    This is how I’m going to feel it out. The anatomy of the stick figure is a bit wrong and the table is to high. I think if I lower the table I will get a better feeling of what is right. When drawing this I’m looking at fantasy/medieval tavern paintings from DeviantArt.

    Better, but not there yet. The sitting man, the chair and the table (with the floor) are all on separate layers. I can move, redraw and edit (transform) them separately. The man behind the table is meant for reference.

    Now the floor has it’s own layer and the table is slightly lowered again for better anatomy and hopefully even more relaxed posture.

    Building more of the scene. Having the props on different layers makes it easy to copy and move them around. I have boxed out the man a bit to get a feel of his shape and have made changes to his Stick Anatomy accordingly. Maybe the reference man should be a part of the scene after all? And maybe I’m missing a Serving Wench doing her rounds. 🙂

    A Serving Wench and a extra guest added. More details and changes. My idea is that this is the most silent corner or place in this Tavern/Inn, so no Bar or Musician in the drawing, or at least not at this 2D stage. The guest needs more room, I’m thinking about making him look fat. I’m kind of happy about the Serving Wench.


    What more of the background can or should I draw in the Stick stage? What kind of walls do I want? Don’t know. How much of the room will be shown in the final drawing? Probably not to much as I don’t what this 2D part to much in the background in the final drawing. There are some things to think about, so I think this will be the end of this post. Maybe I will plan the room a bit with a top down drawing and add them together?

    I will link together the next Post and this one so it will be more easy to follow. Time to sleep, it’s late where I am and I have a job to go to in the morning. 🙂

    Part two.