This is how far I have come. Maybe 90% done. Critique, thoughts and questions are welcome.

In this forth Stuff I’m working on I have done remakes of sorts on old drawings. First old and then the new.




“Stay” – My version of a dark angel.



Dark Knight Batman and a shot in the head Joker.


It took a while to get this far. I Don’t really know if I think the images are really done, but I think they are ready enough to be done.

I did not get the poses right when I drew so I took DAZ Studio to help and let the 3D figures pose in a similar way as I drew before which led to the result being more real with more accurate anatomy. The images are drawn in ArtRage Studio with a Wacom Intuos 4L tablet.

Fan Art all the way, classical Batman and Robin designs with minor tweak from me.

I want to draw some good old characters like Batman, TMNT, Transformers, He-Man and others and make it as cool as I can. This time I’m trying my hand (left one, as that is the one I draw with) on my first Batman And Robin drawing.

I chose to go somewhat classical on them while doing some details my own way. Like the Batman belt That I base on Classical the yellow bat symbol Batman, the Frank Miller one and the Michael Keaton Movie Batman. I’m not that good at movement and foreshortening yet, so that’s what I’m going for.

The first idea was to have Batman walking, but now he is doing some kind of Superhero pose that I think looks a bit weird. This is a work in progress that might or might not change much from what it is now.

I have in mind to color it after I find a cool background for it. Untill then, well, the perspective line will have to do, I guess. 😀