• May the fourth be with you!
  • Posted on May 04, 2013
  • It’s the Unofficial Star Wars Day today! I take the opportunity to post a picture I drew for a Paint Contest for the Science Fiction Bokhandeln (bookstore) in Sweden.

    I won a signed copy of Star Wars book Apocalypse by Troy Denning which should be on it’s way home to me. It was fun to paint in a simple program in low resolution and to care more about getting the picture submitted on time than to improve it for ages, as I have a tendency to do otherwise with what I create.

    When I did this painting I wanted to create a painting with a old game 2D feel to it.

  • A new try on Darth Vader
  • Posted on March 09, 2011
  • I made a not so good try on a Darth Vader drawing before. Later on I remade the drawing almost completely and kind of forgot about it. Now with a slight update I’m uploading it for show.

    This Star Wars fan art made in ArtRage 3 Studio with my Wacom Intuos4L drawing tablet.

  • A New try on Darth Vader and a Elf Girl
  • Posted on March 27, 2010
  • Back with new drawings. This time only one is drawn in ArtRage 3 Studio and that’s the Darth Vader drawing. The second one is drawn in a new program I recently found, SmoothDraw! More about SmoothDraw in a later post.

    Vader needs some work with legs and arms, but a better try then my last one.


  • Updated drawings
  • Posted on September 07, 2009
  • A bit updated versions of  The New Girl and Darth Vader (earlier known here as Box Vader!).

  • Box Vader!
  • Posted on September 06, 2009
  • An early look into my first ArtRage drawing of Darth Vader! Here you can see him at a early stage as I unbox him from his simple box shape. 😀