• Updates
  • Posted on April 23, 2009
  • This week lots of updates to this site is going on. New images in the Portfolio, updated first page (Home), updated About page, added Contact page and Link page.

    I still don’t think my homepage is ready for the vast world of Internet, but I will expand the world of people who know about this site at the pace I think is right.

    The Newest adition of images so far this week:

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    Thats all for this time, have a nice day dear visitors! 😉

  • WIP Soldier Girl update 3
  • Posted on March 31, 2009
  • Just an update on all the updates of Soldier Girl. This shows and will show all of the pictures. The First ones are somewhat crappy Digital Camera shots as I sometimes don’t want to scan a drawing while I work on it. As of now, I don’t know how much of or how many drawings I will show the process off and I won’t get much feedback right now from readers as this site is mostly a test site right now so I can get the feel of it. Even then, might take allot to get comments anyway. 🙂

  • WIP Soldier Girl update 2
  • Posted on March 31, 2009
  • Second update.

    Things that needs to be fixed are her arms and feet. And I should do something about her hair and the gun that I think looks like a blowdryer. After that comes the background.

    Thats mosly it before I can add more detail and maybe color it.

  • WIP Soldier Girl
  • Posted on March 30, 2009
  • No better name yet, a drawing  I started today. Because I don’t have a tablet and I want lots of detail, I will add to it both in Paint.net and by hand on paper.

    More about this later. 🙂