• Ms. Marvel – Heroic Pose
  • Posted on March 22, 2015
  • I found a old photo of a girl on the Internet with a pose I like. I decided Ms. Marvel (classic one) would be a good fit for the pose. Then I opened up DAZ Studio and tried to capture the pose, but the shoulder and hand positions got a bit different and the camera angle is a little bit different to (Ms. Marvel is a bit more towards the camera compared to the photo). Then I rendered it to a Image and used it as a reference for this drawing.

    Manga Studio 5. First i sketched shapes and tried to come close to my render, then I started to add more and more details not caring about line work and positions that much. When I had most things done I made the sketch layer blue and added a vector layer on top and “sculpted” out the shapes for a good line work. Then flat colors and shading. I did not want to do a background, but neither white or black felt right so now she has nothing behind.


    I don’t want to spend more energy and time on it right now, so I upload it as it is. I might add a background and change things, but I think it will be another version instead of just a improvement. I might update shading, light and very minor details on this one.

    Fan-Art. Ms. Marvel is a Marvel Comics character.

    Comments are welcome, also ideas of what a good background would be. Thanks for watching!

  • The Avengers Project – Ms. Marvel WIP 01
  • Posted on February 23, 2011
  • I’m a big fan of the Superhero team (or teams) called the Avengers which has been a part of the Marvel Comic Book world since 1963. In that time many characters have come and gone. What I’m going to do here is to draw and paint characters that has been or is a part of a Avengers teams. This is the biggest Fan Art project I have ever done.

    Ms. Marvel

    In a accident Carol Danvers got Super Powers from the Alien known as Captain Marvel. She becomes Ms. Marvel, a woman with superhuman strength, ability to fly and shooting energy bursts from her hands. She is a character that has been through allot in the Comics. Different alliances, near death experience and loss of powers. If you want to know more, click here or grab yourself a Comic Book Album on Amazon.com (or somewhere else.)

    This is drawn in ArtRage 3 Studio with my Wacom Intuos4L tablet. It’s not finished yet. Minor fixes, a background and some colors would be nice!