• A 1 point perspective drawing update
  • Posted on September 24, 2014
  • The power of Manga Studio 5 is great! Having a grid and finding out how I can use it makes it more and more easy to draw something with the perspective ruler in Manga Studio 5. It’s soon time to add more details and life to this one. I want all the stuff that I add to look old by design.

  • On perspective drawing – Fall 2014
  • Posted on September 21, 2014
  • I have had some great ideas on drawing in 2D and converting it into a perspective drawings or 3D-models, but just drawing and hoping for the best does not make it work. Also, my old perspective drawings and the way I have been drawing them have not worked so good, making key parts of a scene far away in the wrong place and messing up with the scale of things. I can keep making corrections to characters and scenery forever, but it’s kind of boring when it barely gives anything back and it has made me draw less again.

    But I have been doing some tests and a lot of rethinking on how to draw background and interiors. My answers so far is do more with less, reuse stuff and the use of a well planned Grid with a good scale of things!

    Something like this is probably how I’m going to work from now on in Manga Studio. I might release a tutorial in the future on my process or a part of it. I will hopefully evolve the way I work and speed it up.

    If you want to make a good perspective drawing without winging it, the best way to do it these days are probably to use software like Manga Studio 5 or openCanvas 6 with their perspective tools, transform tools and grid functions. And I really like to use layer color on layers in Manga Studio because it’s so much easier now to notice when I start drawing in the wrong layer. Very good as I build everything I draw with many layers.