• Next batch of drawings
  • Posted on October 17, 2009
  • In this update I have a new drawing and two updated ones.

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    Flickerlight – Pose 01

    This is a new Flickerlight/Lightgirl (same character) drawing. I wanted to give her a better pose then the drawings I’ve made with her so far. This is the first one in a possible series of poses.

    Jump of Death

    This was originally a fast sketch. I have added details to the girls face, body and changed her sword a bit.

    The New Girl

    More details and some cleaning work.

  • Updated drawings
  • Posted on September 07, 2009
  • A bit updated versions of  The New Girl and Darth Vader (earlier known here as Box Vader!).

  • Music Girl and The New Girl
  • Posted on September 06, 2009
  • The first one is Music Girl. She is going to get cloths and more detail, some minor fixing before she is done. At least before any possible coloring. 😀 The other one is The New Girl. Not really a original name for a drawing, but still. Some things with her body looks a bit wrong, but I’m not sure what?

    Feels good to draw other things then just elves. I will try on many different things from now on.