• Heroes Of 1984 #001 – TMNT And Optimus Prime – Unfinished
  • Posted on September 14, 2010
  • I’m born in the year of 1984 and I’m not alone. That year Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT for short) and Transformers was born to rule in Comics, Cartoons, Movies and Toys. Now 26 Years later they both still goes on strong with new Cartoons being made and a new Movie coming out soon for Transformers.

    To celebrate this and possibly other things born in 1984, I’m creating drawings (that have a high chance of turn into paintings later on) called Heroes Of 1984. This is Fan Art that crossovers with characters from different “Universes”. First one out is Heroes Of 1984 #001 – TMNT And Optimus Prime.

    Just like when I was a kid, I’m playing around with these characters for the fun of it, but instead of Toys, I use my drawing tablet.

    This update

    This is my first post of this drawing. Usually I post before coming so far with a drawing so visitors can see a bit of evolution in the drawings from closer to start to finished, but I really wanted to show this drawing at it’s best side from the beginning. But it’s still a unfinished work of Art. I will update it, make it better. I have probably never drawn Optimus Prime or TMNT this good.