• Ubuntu problems
  • Posted on August 02, 2009
  • So much for trying working under Linux. If I’m not wrong, ArtRage should work under the Windows emulation layer Wine that is for Linux systems, but that does not matter when no good video driver will work for my Radeon 4530 laptop graphics ship, W-Lan ain’t supported until next Ubuntu release (9.10) and the sound for some reason won’t work. Maybe I will try a Beta release of Ubuntu 9.10 and see how it will work.

    When I get Ubuntu working, I should have a computer taking up less system resources, less CPU and RAM that is. Actually, if I get Ubuntu working, I still have my Wacom tablet to get working. 🙄

    I guess I will have to take a problem at the time to work out. At least I now know that I ain’t that found of Fedora. 🙂