• What does the first day of the year bring?
  • Posted on January 02, 2010
  • A bad cold and lots of headache! To pass the time from evening to early night to let our minds escape the suffering of being sick for a while, my girlfriend decided that we should watch a Zombie movie from the Zombie movie box I got as a Christmas gift from her parents. The movie my girl choose was The Signal.

    The Signal is not really a Zombie movie, but it is in the same kind of style and actually very funny and well made. The first minutes was really bad, but it was probably intentional as it helped give the movie the contrast it needed to set the tone of the world. The Signal is made of three chapters (“transmissions”), each directed by a different director. That helps the chapters stand out a bit and it made me think of Pulp Fiction. The directing and writing credits goes to David Bruckner, Dan Bush and Jacob Gentry. The Signal is a movie I can really recommend to Zombie lovers, especially ones that don’t mind some new and different takes on the genre.

    After The Signal ended, I wanted to stay on the same track, so I choose another movie from the Zombie box. Day of the Dead: the Beginning (real name: Day of the Dead 2: Contagium) was the choice. It was a pretty flat Zombie movie where I did not really understand most of the plot until the end of the movie (I still feel like a question mark on some points). It’s suppose to be a prequel to the remake of Day of the Dead if I don’t got it wrong. But it does not really seam to fit in with the Day of the Dead. My girlfriend fell asleep somewhere into the movie and I don’t blame her. Still, Day of the Dead 2: Contagium could work as a pastime as it still delivers a little bit of Zombie gore and a few funny times.

    Playing Left 4 Dead 2 demo with my girlfriend and her brother a bit earlier the day made me get some cravings after the game.  Who would have thought it would be so fun to “kill” Zombies? I love my girlfriends Xbox 360. With this, I say good night to the world and welcome to the second day of 2010.

    I should draw some zombies…